Pixels Of Reality

The idea of "zooming in" lead to choose for 'Bell Centennial', a font designed to be used in telephone books in very
small type size. To be able to use small and bold type, "inktraps" are drawn to keep the letters narrow angles from merging together in a blurry way. This optical correction
is meant to be invisible, but when the font is used very big, it becomes almost an ornament. We designed a reader,
an invitation and a poster announcing the exhibition, lectures, presentations and screenings that were part of the project.

Originating from the DIN series, everything folds down to a square format. The poster works as cover for the reader which consists of four sections, each an A1 sheet folded and perforated, compiled in a 12 inch record sleeve

A reader, invitation and poster for the project
Pixels Of Reality at Public Space With A Roof