Faculty of Invisibility

The Faculty of Invisibility composes itself of a group of artists,
practitioners, designers, theorists and teachers who mutually carry
out an emerging institute. Tutors, by invitation, open departments
relevant to their practices. The Faculty does not stage events
and does not take public appearances, besides issuing its

For the communiqué, we used the given format of a newspaper
to construct an object that functions differently. Produced within the
offset newsprint standards, the folded A2 sheets have been
first disassembled, then put back in each other again. Printed only
on one side, each page reveals a blank inside. Each element is
given its place within the usual structure; the type remains the same
size throughout the

The communiqué is published in an edition of 1000 copies and is
distributed by the tutors as a manifestation of the Faculty of Invisibility.

To receive a copy, please email Paul.

Faculty of Invisibility – I make a rocket
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